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About us
Overview - what we do
Warwyck Private Bank Ltd is one of the first Banks in Mauritius to be granted a licence as an exclusively private banking and wealth management financial institution; we aim to pursue Private Banking of the highest quality standards based on the Swiss model.

Building a trusting, long-term, smart and exclusive relationship with each of our clients is at the core of what we do at Warwyck.
Our focus is on operating an exemplary business by building a team of experienced financial experts using world-class technology and systems to respond to our clients' needs for expert advice and efficient execution.

Warwyck Private Bank Ltd has confidentiality and client protection at the core of its client offering; this is greatly supported through local legislation and business practices.
We strive to include speed and simplicity into every aspect of our private banking and wealth management experience.

Our story began when ten accomplished business people decided to invest in an enterprise that would protect and increase their wealth. Their ambition guided them to Mauritius where the authorities granted their newly established enterprise a licence as an exclusively private banking and wealth management institution. Today, Warwyck Private Bank Ltd adheres to the stringent Swiss private banking quality standards while taking optimum advantage of the well regulated and investor friendly jurisdiction of Mauritius.

Exactly as the founders intended we provide expert services to influential customers from all over the world. Our experienced financial management experts liberate the full potential of each and every customer’s capital using world-class technology and systems.

We are ready to extend our high-quality financial service to you. We keep our procedures simple to reduce costs, react instantly to unexpected market developments and apply our in-depth insights and experience to your advantage. While we help you to protect what you’ve built we also support and leverage your efforts to create more value.

Private Banking

In a safe, flexible and reliable jurisdiction, we offer private banking services that are accurately adjusted to specific circumstances and requirements. Your Warwyck Private Banker, together with a team of experts, is your unique dedicated point of contact for all your transactional, lending and investment needs.  

Wealth Management

Our wealth management team is here to help you optimally design your fortune-building journey.  We help you to allocate your funds to a specific portfolio that is based on your investment profile and risk appetite.  By understanding your investment goals first, we can ensure that your expectations are effectively managed.  Moreover, all investment decisions are made within a framework of a rigorous and disciplined process.