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Deposit Accounts

We offer deposits in major currencies namely EUR, USD, GBP and CHF.

Wherever you are in the world, your deposit account will act as the focal point of your entire relationship with Warwyck Private Bank, allowing you to control your day-to-day finances with unprecedented confidence and ease.

The Deposit Account provides the following ways to manage your money:

  • Charge Card
  • Internet Banking, a secure and convenient way to review and effect transactions on your account(s).
Charge Card

Warwyck Private Bank World MasterCard® allows you to enjoy the convenience of acceptance at over 37 million locations, over 2 million ATMs, everywhere online and in over 210 countries.

You, as a Private Banking client, can look forward to a premium card that brings you an exclusive host of distinctive experiential offerings in line with your evolving lifestyle needs.

Prepaid Cards
You can use MasterCard® Prepaid cards to get an added convenience. Just load one with funds and use it for all the things you use cash for: shopping or everyday purchases.

  • Pay worldwide and online – just like a credit card
  • Load credit when you need it 
  • Discretion
Structured lending

Our structured lending service gives you customised borrowing options that will increase your liquidity, help protect your wealth and open up new opportunities for you and your family. Rather than tap into an existing portfolio, you can use credit as a valuable tool for your business and personal aspirations. While liquidating a portfolio or other assets prematurely may compromise your long term goals, borrowing funds may be a more prudent way of preserving your assets and taking advantage of investment opportunities. You can borrow against the deposited assets at Warwyck Private Bank and/or its subsidiaries up to a certain percentage of their market value.

Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee represents an irrevocable obligation of the bank to pay a specified amount of money if the party for which the bank is giving the guarantee does not fulfil its contractual obligations.

A bank guarantee from Warwyck Private Bank will demonstrate your financial credibility and underpin your ability to meet lawful commitments. You can provide security for a bank guarantee from deposited assets at Warwyck Private Bank and/or its subsidiaries.

General FAQs
Why Mauritius?

Economic Advantages

  • Strategic location in the Indian Ocean, termed as “The Golden Triangle” linking Middle East, Asia and Africa 
  • 1st in Africa according to the World Bank “Ease of doing business” report for several consecutive years 
  • Political and Legal Advantages 
  • Market-driven economy which encourages free enterprise and foreign investment 
  • Modern legislation in line with other financial centres (compliance services and terrorist funding legislation) 

Fiscal Advantages

  • No foreign exchange control 
  • No withholding tax on dividends 
  • No capital gains tax No estate duty, inheritance or wealth tax 

Other advantages

  • Strategic time zone (GMT +4) 
  • White listed jurisdiction recognized by OECD 
  • Availability of highly-qualified professionals, bilingual in English and French
What is Warwyck Private Bank Ltd?

Warwyck Private Bank Ltd (WPBL) is one of the first banks in Mauritius to have obtained permission from the regulatory authorities to operate as a financial institution offering exclusively private banking services and wealth management. The Bank’s name is inspired from Admiral Wybrand Van Warwyck who, in 1598, led a Dutch squadron that landed at Grand Port and named the island "Mauritius" after Prince Maurice van Nassau.  Within the well regulated jurisdiction of Mauritius, favourable to investors, WPBL is model-based on the quality norms of the Swiss private banking sector.

Who are the clients of Warwyck Private Bank Ltd?

Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of affluent private clients and corporate customers who are interested in investing and require comprehensive financial advisory services and customised financial products. 

I have average wealth. Can I access your Private Banking services?

Warwyck Private Bank distinguishes itself by satisfying the specific needs implicit in managing considerable wealth which do not tend to arise for average wealth.  To know if you qualify to be a client of Warwyck Private Bank Ltd, please contact us via our website or email us on contact@warwyckprivatebank.com

Do you create products and services customised to my needs?

Yes, at Warwyck Private Bank our most valuable asset is our clients. A team of professionals will be at your disposal to develop tools based on your specific needs.

What benefits/advantages does Warwyck Private Bank offer me?

When you become a client, you are assigned a highly qualified private banker who will provide you with the highest quality service, keeping you informed of the trend of the performance of your assets.

What degree of confidentiality can I expect from a Private Banker at Warwyck Private Bank?

We are fully committed to the principle of protecting financial privacy. The Bank abides by the Mauritius Banking Act 2004 in respect of the duty of confidentiality, therefore we conduct all business strictly in accordance with the banking traditions of confidentiality and discretion.